Lotader® AX8670T
Innovative Solutions for Long-Lasting Performance

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Arkema expands its portfolio of reactive terpolymers with the new Lotader® AX8670T ethylene-vinyl acetate-glycidyl methacrylate terpolymer, opening up new opportunities with long-lasting performance.

Lotader® AX8670T reactive terpolymer is the most reactive terpolymers manufactured by Arkema, and is suitable for a broad range of applications thanks to its unique properties. Lotader® AX8670T terpolymer is suitable as adhesion promoter in thermo-adhesive films and hot melt formulations in automotive and industrial applications. Lotader® AX8670T can also be used to modify the properties of bitumen used in road paving and roofing membranes applications and will provide exceptional performance. Lotader® AX8670T is commercially available worldwide through Arkema’s local subsidiary and distribution network.


GMA Content


Comonomer Content


Melft Flow Index

(g/10 min; 190°C/2.16kg)

Melting point


AX8670T 10 15 (VA) 10 87
AX8700 8 25 (BA) 9 72
AX8750 5 25 (BA) 12 72
AX8840 8 - 5 104
AX8900 8 24 (MA) 7 65


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Dr. Fatima REBIH
Business Development Manager