Lotryl® T, a new range of Lotryl® resins as modifier for compound application

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Arkema’s range of polymer modifiers are widely used to improve the mechanical properties of engineering plastics such as polyesters, polycarbonate, nylon, polyphenylene sulfide, etc… To further enhance modification options, Arkema has launched a comprehensive range of tubular Lotryl® T copolymers (EMA, EBA) to complement its existing autoclave Lotryl® resins.

Tubular and autoclave Lotryl® ethylene-acrylate copolymers offer the most versatile functional polyolefins product range for engineering plastics modification. Compound formulation fine-tuned with ethylene-acrylate copolymers, is achieved by selection of nature and percentage of acrylate comonomer but also by chosing right melt flow rate. Arkema’s product range offers melt flow rates from 3 to 700 g/10 min. High fluid grades allow modification as well as viscosity adjustement of the final compound.

The manufacturing process of these modifiers is rarely taken into consideration. Production of the new Arkema’s Lotryl® T copolymers takes place in a tubular reactor, leading to heterogeneous structure compared to autoclave process (acrylate monomer non-equally distributed along the ethylene chains). As a consequence, the new Lotryl® T copolymers range exhibits a high level of polarity which improves the filler acceptance, broaden their usage in masterbatch applications and allows efficient modification. A higher melt temperature greatly reduces risk of pellet bridging and stickiness during the compounding process. In addition, improvement of mechanical properties such as tensile strength and flexural modulus provide superior performance to the final compound (see one example above in the table).

 Adding 2 to 15% of Lotryl® T is in general enough to ensure the following:

  • Improvement of the pigment dispersion in engineering resins
  • Impact modification of Polyesters, PC, PA, PPS alloys etc.
  • Melt-strength enhancement of thermoformed ABS
  • Resistance to PET strap impact splitting and friction welding


Lotryl® and Lotryl® T copolymers are fully available globally through the Arkema network.

Lotryl® and Lotryl® T copolymers complete Arkema’s impact modifiers portfolio:

Lotader®/Lotryl® or Lotader®/Lotryl® T: impact modification of PA, PPS and Polyesters for injection molding

  • Lotryl® and Lotryl® T: carrier resins / masterbatch application
  • Lotryl® T: PET straps applications
  • Lotader®AX: general impact modification of PET, PBT, PPS and polymer alloys
  • Lotader®4700: general impact modification of polyamides
  • Orevac® IM  for high impact modification of polyamides

For more information on Lotader®, Lotryl® and Orevac®, impact modification solutions, please visit the Orevac®, Lotader® and Lotryl® web pages.


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