Lotryl® 28BA700T and Lotryl® 35BA320T, new solution for hot melt adhesives with high performance properties.

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Hot melt adhesives are widely used in the industry to assemble substrates. Typical applications are well-known as woodworking, bookbinding, packaging, labelling, deepfreeze. Lotryl® 28BA700T and Lotryl® 35BA320T copolymers bring cohesion of hot melt adhesive formulations. Their high polar structure allows to control strength, procure high adhesion and flexibility at high and low temperature.
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Lotryl® 28BA700T & Lotryl® 35BA320T ethylene butyl acrylate copolymers are new grades manufactured by tubular process. Their high melting point speeds up setting time and enables high ring and ball temperature. Both maintains the flexibility at low temperature which is truly appreciated for deepfreeze application. Lotryl® copolymers allow high end-use temperature, low temperature flexibility and thermal stability of the formulation which also optimize the maintenance.

These grades, especially designed for the packaging application, can also be used to other applications where high MFI and high adhesion are requested.

Lotryl® 28BA700T and Lotryl® 35BA320T copolymers offer a high thermal stability and no charring. Both grades comply food contact regulations US FDA 175-105 and EU 10/2011/EC.

Aliphatic, aromatic, aromatic modified aliphatic hydrocarbon resins are fully compatible with Lotryl® 28BA700T and Lotryl® 35BA320T copolymers. This is also the case for rosin ester, made of high amounts of bio renewable content which contributes to customer sustainability goals.



Polarity of Lotryl® 28BA700T and Lotryl® 35BA320T imparts high performance bonds on most of substrates even coated, unlike ethylene octane copolymer (POE). Lotryl® T copolymer can be mixed with ethylene acrylate maleic anhydride terpolymer as Lotader® 8200 from ARKEMA reaching very high level of adhesion.

Examples of tackifiyng resins compatibility with Lotryl® resins made by the method of cloud point (content 50/50):

For more information on Lotader®, Lotryl® and Orevac®, impact modification solutions, please visit the Orevac.com, Lotader.com and Lotryl.com web pages.


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