New Kynar® PVDF grade for drinking water systems

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Arkema has added Kynar® 740 E to its Kynar® PVDF polymer range developed for drinking water systems. This grade aptly combines mechanical strength with fluidity, making it perfectly suited to the extrusion process.

Kynar® 740 E is especially suitable for the manufacture of multilayer pipes for the transport of drinking water. It has recently been granted a KTW[1] certificate, a German approval for raw materials in contact with drinking water, added to its existing food compatibility certification at European level.

The main asset of Kynar® for this application lies in its purity and the absence of additive during processing. Water supply pipes with a Kynar® 740 E inner layer offer the following key properties: outstanding resistance to water treatment products throughout their lifetime, organoleptic inertness (no taste is passed to the water), and ability to delay the growth of bio-film, a thin layer of bacteria colonizing the inner wall of pipes.


Kynar® PVDF is already used today by water supply companies in France for over half the service connections linking up watermains to homes.


[1] The German agency for water and gas DVGW (Deutsche Vereinigung des Gas -und Wasserfaches), has defined a series of recommendations for plastic materials used in the transport of drinking water known by the German abbreviation KTW (Kunststoffe und Trinkwasser) DVGW, through a network of laboratories throughout Germany and northern Europe examines the suitability of the formulation and then subjects the product to rigorous tests of suitability to the use depending on the final application.


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Bertrand DINELLI
PVDF Coating Business Manager