New visual identity for Kynar® resins, Arkema’s range of fluorinated polymers

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Arkema has unveiled a new, simple and modern Kynar® logo for its PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) polymer family, designed to boost the visibility and impact of the brand in its various worldwide markets.


This new logo will accompany the strong development of this high performance polymer in both  traditional markets - architectural coatings, chemical engineering, semiconductor industry, oil extraction - and new highly promising sectors such as solar panels, lithium batteries and drinking water treatment.


The rollout of the new Kynar® identity coincides with the successful startup of a new PVDF production plant at Arkema’s Changshu site in China. With this additional capacity,  Arkema is now the only producer with PVDF facilities on three continents - Europe, North America and Asia – well positioned to serve regional customers.


The Kynar® brand, a hallmark of excellence for decades


Since first introduced in 1965, Kynar® resins have become the reference for weatherable architectural coatings requiring exceptional durability (over 40 years). Arkema was the first to develop a fluorosurfactant-free PVDF grade for coatings, Kynar 500® FSF® resin. Kynar®-based coatings now protect thousands of buildings around the world. 
Renowned for outstanding corrosion resistance and easy maintenance, various Kynar® grades (including Kynar® Flex and Kynar® ADX which provides superior adhesion) have increasingly replaced metal in chemical and pharmaceutical plants and equipment. Finally, excellent mechanical strength in flexible pipes makes Kynar® resin much valued in high pressure, deepwater operations.


An innovative material serving fast-growing markets


Many new Kynar® grades have been developed over a number of years to target new applications:
- Resistance to weathering (UV rays, moisture, temperature, etc.) makes Kynar® Film an excellent material for the backsheet of photovoltaic panels.

- Chemical stability makes Kynar® HSV resin an excellent binder in lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles.

- Mechanical performance and durability make Kynar® PVDF a choice material for nanofiltration membranes used in water treatment.
- Kynar® Foam can be extruded using conventional extrusion equipment, giving a 30% weight savings along with the fire and temperature resistance required by aerospace and transportation industries.
- Finally, Kynar Aquatec®, the latest advance in Kynar® coatings technology, is an aqueous formulation applicable to any substrate, mostly used for wite long-lasting cool roof coatings that reflect sunlight and help reduce energy costs.


Learn more about the comprehensive range of Kynar® grades and their many applications on www.kynar.com


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