Odor-Tech becomes the exclusive distributor of Technic Eco Services (TES) for O-Scent neutralizing agents in North America

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Odor-Tech LLC, a U.S. subsidiary of Arkema Inc. and a world leader in gas odorant manufacturing and supply, is now the exclusive subdistributor of Technic Eco Services (TES) for O-Scent™ odor neutralizing agents for gas markets in North America.

The primary goal of the alliance is to provide Odor-Tech customers with efficient and safe odor neutralizing agents to control any possible odor release they may have when operating their gas odorant installations. The Arkema Group and some of its partners in different regions of the world have been using O-ScentTM safely for the past 15 years. O-ScentTM odor neutralizing agents are very efficient on both light mercaptans (TBM, IPM, NPM) and sulfides (DMS, MES, THT), which make up Spotleak® natural gas odorant blends. O-Scent™ odor neutralizing agents are very efficient on ethyl mercaptan, which is used to odorize propane and butane gases.
As part of its Responsible Care® mandate, Odor-Tech LLC is committed to helping customers foster the safe and secure use of gas odorants. Odor-Tech is available to discuss odorant spill management best practices and arrange Odorflex® Odorant Spill Drills with gas utilities. O-Scent™ neutralizing agent is a key component in managing odorant spills.

TES has more than 20 years’ experience in the cleaning chemical industry. Arkema and TES have collaborated for many years to develop an efficient and nonflammable formula to help gas utilities clean their odorant equipment and decommission their odorant installations. TES sells O-Scent™ odor neutralizing agent in more than 35 countries.

“Partnering with Odor-Tech is a unique opportunity to access the North American gas odorant market,” said Ward Van Thielen, president of TES. “We have a longstanding relationship with the Arkema Group and we trust Odor-Tech to technically support local gas utilities with O-Scent™ to efficiently neutralize mercaptan- and sulfide-based odorants,” Van Thielen noted.

“We want our customers to be safe when handling gas odorants,” said Pierre Braud, Odor-Tech business development manager. “Beyond providing odor control and spill management advisory services, we can now supply our customers with the odor control agents that we use ourselves. Arkema has been using O-Scent for the past 15 years in our gas odorant production plants, where it is a daily objective to control odor. Not only is O-Scent efficient on odor control, it is non-flammable and safer than most odor control agent currently available in the market,” said Braud.

Please contact Odor-Tech at +1 318 767 0821 or email odortech.cs@arkema.com to order O-Scent™ odor neutralizing agents in North America. You also can visit the Odor-Tech website at www.odor-tech.com. Please contact Technic Eco Services at Tel.: +352/26.008.248 or email info@teslux.eu to inquire about Technic Eco. You can also visit the TES website at www.teslux.eu.


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