Orgasol® Soft Focus: more light and fewer noticeable wrinkles

- Press release
After a successful launch in Europe and the US, Arkema will present Orgasol® Soft Focus at PCIA 2007. Orgasol® Soft Focus is designed for cosmetics formulations intended for the optical lifting of wrinkles. With its extremely narrow particle size distribution, this grade makes its way into the wrinkles to play the role of micro-reflectors, thereby lighting up the dark areas to give an unmistakable lift to the skin.



Thanks to its nature and its spheroidal shape, Orgasol® Soft Focus diffuses light on the skin’s surface. Its fine particle size (around 5 μm) also means that it can penetrate the wrinkles and make up countless light diffusing sites, lighting up the dark areas and reducing the appearance of the wrinkles.

Unlike conventional pigments and fillers used to mask skin imperfections, Orgasol® Soft Focus particles do not form an opaque layer on the skin’s surface, but instead ensure a natural look.

The properties of Orgasol® Soft Focus ultrafine powders have been demonstrated and validated by a sensory evaluation conducted by an independent laboratory. The visual findings have also been confirmed by the fringe spatter method, conducted in vivo on crows’ feet.

Involving twenty subjects, the statistical analysis of the results has highlighted the anti-wrinkle properties of a corrector stick containing Orgasol® Soft Focus.


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