Orgasol® Touch: for ever lighter and more comfortable formulations

- Press release
Orgasol® Touch continues to innovate, bearing out its suitability for today’s trends in the world cosmetics market: creamy, light and non-greasy skin care formulations and textures, which combine comfort of use and effectiveness while retaining a natural look.  

With its spherical and microporous structure, the Orgasol® Touch range brings unique sensory benefits to skincare products and sun lotions, by considerably improving the products’ textures, flow and application. It reduces the greasy and oily nature associated with rich skincare creams and waterproof sun lotions. In particular, it helps to solve the problem of shine and eliminate the sticky sensation that is often typical of these products.

The Orgasol® Touch range can also be used successfully in formulations suiting the trends of Asian markets, which seek sophisticated and ultra-light textures.

Orgasol® Touch imparts a creamy texture to these formulations without impairing their light touch. It improves the flow, and leaves a smooth and light powder film on the skin.

It is the ideal component for imparting to high factor sun formulations, much in demand in Asia, greater comfort and look as part of everyday skincare while also reducing their whitish residual finish.


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