Packaging: Altuglas® cast acrylic sheet features a new PE protective film.

- Short news
Starting in February 2014, our customers will receive the first Altuglas® cast acrylic sheet covered in a new PE protective film.

A new PE protective film

The film is white with blue Altuglas® lettering and can be identified by the Altuglas® by Arkema logo.


The main technical characteristics are similar to the previous model.

Features of PE film!

  • A “technical” QR code:

All you have to do is use a free and simple Smartphone application. The “Technical info” QR code directs the user to specific information about PMMA as well as its use, guarantees and selection. Designers, architects, store manufacturers and processors can access technical information about practical issues directly on site.

  • Useful information in several different languages as well as info about sheet recycling and guarantees available on the applications.

  • Visible 360° logo to make sure you choose Altuglas® premium quality at first glance.