Pebax Powered® collaboration with Mizuno Running

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Watch the latest Pebax Powered® video produced in collaboration with Mizuno Running!

The Technical Polymers business line has teamed up with Mizuno to showcase the key benefits that Pebax Powered® components in the midsole coupled with Mizuno's Wave® technology bring to runners around the world. Throughout the collaborative video, key benefits of Pebax Powered® equipment are highlighted: lightweight, energy return, enduring elasticity, and shock resistance.

An inside look with Jerome Allanic, global sports market manager, Technical Polymers

Why the focus on running this time?

After having highlighted Pebax Powered® for winter sports and football (soccer) applications, we wanted to emphasize our advantages for running shoes. Running is becoming an increasingly popular sport, especially with all the races and events on the weekends. It is important for us to remind runners that Pebax Powered® shoes offer such extraordinary properties such as lightness, energy return, and comfort (flexibility), which can make their runs much more enjoyable!


Why did you choose the Mizuno brand?

Mizuno is a Japanese brand that we have worked with for many years. They are recognized in the world of running as a high performance footwear brand. Much of their performance promotion is through their unique "Wave Design," which is actually injected Pebax® resin. This video was a great opportunity for us to strengthen our relationship and help Mizuno highlight their new Wave Rider 20 model, which was just released in stores. Mizuno has even been using the tagline "Never Stop Pushing" which is quite similar to our tagline for Pebax Powered® - Stretch the Limits™.


Who are the runners in the film?

We wanted to cast several runners who are regularly out and active in the running community - people with different profiles so we can reach separate audiences and identify with their peers.


Why Paris?

We wanted to show common citizens, in an urban area, with a pretty environment. I think the video really does show the beauty of Paris and how it can inspire people to explore and run around! We really hope you all enjoy this production and share it with your friends and family. Let's Run Together™!