Pebax Powered®: discover the new consumer branding program

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Visit pebaxpowered.com today to peruse the brands, the latest models, the inspiring stories behind many incredible sports achievements, and to follow our journey on social media. Runners, soccer players, skiers: the Pebax Powered® program is made for you!
Pebax Powered®, high performance material

For many years, the major global sports brands like Nike, Puma, Mizuno, Asics have specified Pebax® polymers in their highest performing sports shoes and boots. Many world records have been set by these shoes. Likewise, in winter sports, the most discerning brands have also embraced Arkema’s world-leading technology in many of their ski boots.


Despite the incredible track record of Arkema’s flagship Pebax® technology, for the most part, even today, the consumer (the casual athlete) remains largely unaware of what Pebax® polymers are, and what benefits they bring. The brand has been quite invisible to consumers. It is in this context that the idea of a consumer branding program was born.


www.pebaxpowered.com has just recently been launched. It includes many elements: an explanation of Pebax® technology, inspirational videos, social media feeds, a gallery of the latest shoe/boot models, a branding theme…


Spread the word! Visit www.pebaxpowered.com. Encourage others to do so. Follow us on social media and convince your friends and family to be brand ambassadors. Stretch your limits!

Pebax® polymer at a glance

Pebax Powered® logo

Pebax® polymers are chosen for their really unique combination of light weight, outstanding energy return, and their toughness and flexibility. It has been widely promoted in the news (Runners’ World magazine, Mens Journal magazine) that when the first human will break the magical two-hour mark in the marathon, he or she will run in Pebax Powered® shoes. It’s also well publicized that most of the goals scored in the world’s leading soccer tournaments are by Pebax Powered® shoes/boots.