Plexiglas® Sylk acrylic sheet and other new products from Altuglas International received enthusiastically at GlobalShop 2017

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Following its successful exhibit of Plexiglas® Sylk acrylic sheet at GlobalShop, Altuglas International, a division of Arkema Inc., continues to showcase its line of Plexiglas® acrylic products.

Plexiglas® Sylk, Arkema’s newest diffusion acrylic, had multiple displays at GlobalShop that showcased its wide range of uses. Attendees were impressed with the material’s outstanding diffusion with standard white LEDs and saw the same impressive diffusion characteristics at work in a hands-on display that enabled people to cycle through every shade of the rainbow using RGB LEDs. They also appreciated the material’s broad fabrication benefits, which featured no seams and no loss of diffusion.


“The new Plexiglas® Sylk acrylic, introduced in January, is the top of its class with a light transmission of 85% and a diffusion factor of 38,” said Tom Richards, Arkema applications development manager. “These properties result in the best balance of light transmission and diffusion found in the market, especially since this data is consistent in all thicknesses,” he noted. “Plexiglas® Sylk acrylic sheet also has a highly subtle texture that keeps mar and fingerprints from disrupting the clean, modern finish,” said Jaki Wanat, marketing specialist for Plexiglas® “The fantastic properties and sleek finish show that uses for Plexiglas® Sylk are limited only by the imagination.”


Other new acrylic sheet products from Altuglas International in Europe joined Plexiglas® Sylk in the spotlight, including: Altuglas® ShieldUp, Altuglas® LED Bloc, and Altuglas®



Altuglas® ShieldUp® is the first nanostructure acrylic sheet to combine lightness, strength, UV resistance, and transparency in an acrylic sheet. The proprietary nanostructure technology enhances all the core advantages of acrylic, while optimizing mechanical strengths and chemical resistance. This combination results in an incredibly enhanced acrylic sheet that can be competitive with polycarbonate without compromising transparency or formability regardless of temperature, and without fear of hazing, crazing, or bleaching.


Altuglas® LED Bloc sheet takes the growing trend of LED applications to the next level by allowing fabricators to directly inlay LED lights into the material. This reduces the overall processing steps for signage applications for a quicker turnaround, and offers a more modern look due to the slimmer, sleeker profile.

Altuglas® Signature acrylic makes any application feel luxurious with fabric imbedded inside the monolithic sheet, and it adds an even edgier pop when edge lit. As the light catches the woven curves or makes the delicate metallic grids glisten, everyone will be captivated by this gorgeous acrylic.


About Altuglas International

Altuglas International, a business unit of Arkema Inc., is a global leader in PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate), manufacturing approximately 20% of the world’s PMMA.  Altuglas International employs 1,300 professionals and operates eight production facilities in six countries.  It markets its acrylic resins and sheets under the Plexiglas®brand in the Americas and the Altuglas®brand in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Altuglas International also offers acrylic capstock resins under the Solarkote® brand worldwide, as well as acrylic sheets and blocks under the Oroglas brand in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.


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