Price increase for Arkema’s oxygenated solvents

- Short news
Effective February 1st, 2013, or as contracts permit, Arkema announces a worldwide 7 to 10% price increase for its oxygenated solvents portfolio.

The price of energy, which has a major impact of running costs, has drastically increased since 2012, while raw materials, especially acetone and derivatives, have been experiencing a rapid rise in cost in the last few weeks. Consequently, these ongoing increases in energy and raw material costs have left us with no alternative other than pass them in part on to the value chain.

The main products concerned are Diacetone Alcohol (DAA), MethylIsoButylKetone (MIBK), MethyIsoButylCarbinol (MIBC), Hexylene Glycol (HG), and Isophorone (IPHO).

Please contact your Arkema sales representative if you have any question in this regard.


Global Sales Director