Price increase on Oxygenated Solvents applicable July 1st 2020

- Short news
Since a few months, pandemic situation induced a dramatic decrease of phenol demand which reduced the availability of acetone and increased its worldwide price, but also an increase of production and logistics cost.

In order to sustain Oxygenated solvents business, Arkema is obliged to increase prices. Arkema will increase Oxygenated solvents product range prices from 70 to €120 per ton. The new prices is effective July 1st, 2020 or as contracts allow. Depending on situation, new price adjustments could occur.


Diacetone Alcool (DAA), Méthyl IsoButylKétone (MIBK), MéthyI IsoButylCarbinol (MIBC), Mesityl Oxide (OM), Hexylene Glycol (HG), Hexasol and Isophorone (IPHO) are concerned.


Arkema's oxygenated solvents are mainly used in formulations and synthesis in various applications such as fragrances, coatings, personal care, agrochemicals, pharmaceutical and mining.


Brigitte PIETO
Business manager