Price increase on a range of Arkema's organic peroxides

- Short news

Arkema will implement from 1st of December 2014, or as contracts allow, a price increase on its Luperox® organic peroxides used in the unsaturated polyester resins segment and commercialized in Europe, Middle East and Africa. This is necessary to offset the raw material cost increases.

The price increase will vary from 5 to 10% depending on the grade and will concern exclusively the range of the methyl-ethyl-keton peroxides and their blends.

The methyl-ethyl-keton peroxides are used as curing agents in unsaturated polyester resins - or thermoset resins - very commonly used in the composite industry, mainly in the sectors of transport, sailing boats and in wind turbine blades.


Stefano VEZZA
Business Director, Composites & Crosslinking
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