Renewal of ISO 9001 and ISO TS 16949 Certification for Rho

- Press release
ISO 9001 certification has been renewed for Altuglas® resins and beads, as well as for MMA produced on the Arkema Srl site in Rho (Italy)

Altuglas® resins also obtained renewal of their ISO TS 16949 certification, which is specific to the automotive sector where resins are widely used, especially in Europe. This technical specification is the result of criteria agreed by international automakers in a working commission piloted by the IATF. The aim, for the automakers, is to standardise their requirements with regard to quality sytems and the practice of associated third party certification. In concrete terms, their goal is to get auto parts manufacturers and subcontractors to organise themselves with a view to ensuring optimum levels of performance in terms of quality, leadtimes and cost.

The certifications are valid for three years, i.e. up to 3 September 2012.

These renewals confirm the commitment of the Rho plant and Altuglas International to maintain a high level of quality of service for its customers


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