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The combined annual general meeting of Arkema’s shareholders was held on 23 May 2017 under the chairmanship of Thierry Le Hénaff, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.


The shareholders approved all the resolutions proposed by the Board of Directors, including:

  • the distribution of a dividend of €2.05 per share which will be paid from 29 May 2017;
  • the ratification of the appointment as director of Mrs Marie-José Donsion until the close of the 2018 annual general meeting;
  • the re-election as directors of Messrs Marc Pandraud and Thierry Morin for a four-year term; and
  • the appointment of Mrs Yannick Assouad as a director for a four-year term.


Following this annual general meeting, the Board of Directors now comprises 12 members and the Audit and Accounts Committee will be chaired by Mrs Marie-José Donsion, replacing Philippe Vassor.


The annual general meeting was the opportunity to come back on the Group’s new profile, the very good financial performance in 2016, and on last year highlights. Thierry Le Hénaff also presented Arkema’s strategic priorities over the mid-term and in particular two key catalysts of the Group’s future growth with the ongoing development of specialty adhesives and the innovation drive in advanced materials.


Thierry Lemonnier, Chief Financial Officer, came back in detail on the financial performance in 2016, a further improvement on 2015 which had already seen robust growth. He confirmed the Group’s very good start to 2017 and its outlook for the current year as a whole.


Lastly, Thierry Morin, Chairman of the Nominating, Compensation and Corporate Governance Committee, presented the main features of the Group’s corporate governance and its compensation policy.


The results of the vote will be available in the coming days on the Company’s website.


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