Success story- Laforêt immobilier : new look for 2,800 estate agent signs in France

- Press release
Early in 2009, Laforêt Immobilier, one of France's best-known estate agents, decided to revitalise its visual communications. This included a new logo and new graphic style, with new signboards in Altuglas® for its premises! Sign-makers Publi Relief have created the signboards for the major agencies throughout France.

Attractive screen-printing on Altuglas® PMMA sheet:

Laforêt Immobilier signboards are screen-printed in a dark blue Pantone shade on Altuglas® light blue diffusing acrylic sheet. The colour was specially reproduced by Altuglas for Laforêt Immobilier signs. Screen-printing is known for long-term stability and the possibility of thermoforming after the coating has been applied. The process, using polymerisable inks exposed to UV, is being used increasingly with Altuglas® cast sheet. The screen-printing ink used for Laforêt Immobilier is rather unusual in that it is opaque, allowing the tree to appear only when the sign is lit. This technology has considerable advantages, including new technical applications, improved working conditions for the sign-maker as it requires no solvents, and faster production times. 

Clear technical advantages:
Altuglas® acrylic sheet, distributed in France by SUNCLEAR, is resistant to heat, impact, ultraviolet rays and many chemical agents. It retains is beauty and solidity for many years. It is resistant to snow, frost and rain, being equally tolerant of summer heat and winter frost.

A distinctive sign, worth seeing!


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