Technical Presentation at ATIPIC

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Xavier Drujon, Sartomer’s technical & developmental manager for coatings, is presenting on February 9 at a virtual technical lecture by the Belgium Association of Technicians from the Paint and Related Industries (ATIPIC).

He will present with Philippe Bichot from OCSiAl Group on incorporation of TUBALL™ graphene nanotubes in UV/EB curable formulations.


TUBALL™ Graphene Nanotubes provide exceptional electrical conductivity at ultra-low dosages in coatings formulations. Combining graphene nanotubes with UV/EB curing technology can enable customized formulation properties and exceptional freedom of design.

Disclaimer : 

 Sartomer and OCSiAl inform that their relationship is the one between two independent companies interested in marketing of their respective industrial products.

This presentation does not imply the existence of any commercial contract, partnership or joint project of the companies.

Sartomer and OCSiAl are solely responsible for their own products’ quality. Joint use of the products and any results obtained from such use are at the buyer’s own risk.