The Pantone® colours 2021

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Each year, Altuglas International develops the selected colour Pantone® in Altuglas® acrylic sheets, launching the trends in fashion, decoration, POP, and design.

Every winter, the world’s design authorities share their colour choices for the upcoming year.


This year, two colours have been selected: a vivid yellow called Illuminating (Pantone 13-0647) and a grey named Ultimate Gray (Pantone 17-5104).


Altuglas International completes its offer with these two colours available on request, in transparent, translucent, coloured and two satin faces.

Altuglas Pantone 2021

Altuglas® references: Yellow - Pantone 13-0647

Family Range Reference Caracteristics
Classic Altuglas® Transparent colours 100.11033 Transparent yellow
Illumination Altuglas® Colours 100.21112 Translucent yellow
Illumination Altuglas® Colours 100.41039 Coloured yellow
Fashion Altuglas® Dual satin 145.11033 2 satin faces transparent yellow
Fashion Altuglas® Dual satin 145.21112 2 satin faces translucent yellow
Fashion Altuglas® Dual satin 145.41039 2 satin faces coloured yellow

Altuglas® references: Grey - Pantone 17-5104

Family Range Reference Caracteristics
Classic Altuglas® transparent colours 100.16042 Transparent smoke grey
Illumination Altuglas® Colours 100.28045 Translucent grey
Illumination Altuglas® Colours 100.48070 Coloured grey
Fashion Altuglas® Dual satin 145.16042 Two satin faces transparent smoke grey
Fashion Altuglas® Dual satin 145.28045 Two satin faces translucent grey
Fashion Altuglas® Dual satin 145.48070 Two satin faces coloured grey

Furthermore, we still offer Colour Match

If you wish a specific colour, we can create a “Made to Measure”!