The gateway to Lake Constance

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The new creation by the German artist, Ursula Haupenthal, brings us up close to Lake Constance.
This sculpture, reaching the impressive height of 5.5m, is composed of a structure which allies metal with aluminium as well as, at its core, 10 acrylic sheets from Altuglas® (Soft Fluo 10mm).


The unique outline of Lake Constance can be easily made out. The Altuglas® sheets bring the sculpture to life and, as the light filters through them, help to reproduce the undulating effect of the water. The colours fluctuate between blue and green depending on the angle at which the sculpture is viewed. At night, the outline of the lake is brought into relief by the illuminated acrylic sheets.


The result: a spectacular and living work of art!


2011 Art Project - Artist:


Location: Lake Constance (Bodensee), Germany

Item:  Acrylic sheets

Altuglas® Soft Fluo

    Item no.: 127 33003

    Item no.: 127 34004


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Photo rights: with kind permission from Ursula Hapenthal


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