Trinseo Offers Opalescent Acrylic Sheet with 90 Percent Light Transmission.

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Best-In-Class Material Targets Designers, Architecture & Construction Industry

Horgen, Switzerland – Trinseo (NYSE: TSE), a global materials solutions provider and manufacturer of plastics, latex binders and synthetic rubber, announced the launch of its new opalescent acrylic sheet with 90 percent light transmission - ALTUGLAS™ Opalescent HLT. This material addresses a need from designers and the architectural and construction industries for an acrylic glass that offers an aesthetically pleasing opalescent quality along with high light transmission (HLT).

“Designers continue to replace traditional materials with acrylic glass for its many benefits and are constantly looking for new properties that allow them to stand out in their designs,” said Michel Brendel, Vice President PMMA EMEA & Global Methacrylics, Trinseo. “With ALTUGLAS™ Opalescent HLT we offer balanced properties to achieve optimal diffused aesthetics while maximizing light transmission.” Generally, when diffusivity increases, light transmission decreases. With ALTUGLAS™ Opalescent HLT this is not the case. The product provides a premium, milky or cloudy appearance, as well as exceptional lighting efficiency with both cost and sustainability benefits, such as recyclability and durability.

Other features include:

  • High diffusion, to conceal the light source and prevent hot spots
  • Ability to place LEDs can be placed up to the edge of an application
  • Light source (LED) color is transmissible through the material
  • Material available with neutral, milky appearance, maintaining its true color without a light source

ALTUGLAS™ Opalescent HLT sheet can be used for signage, decorative lighting, privacy screens, and illuminated panels and can be made in range of thicknesses from 3 mm to 30 mm based on the needs of an application. Custom colors are also available and can be specially formulated by our color specialists.
Trinseo supports a wide range of industries in Europe and Asia Pacific with its ALTUGLAS™ polymethyl methacrylates (PMMA) including Architecture & Construction, Automotive, Medical, Electronics and Consumer Goods. The ALTUGLAS™ brand name has been known and trusted by customers for 64 years.
Trinseo also offers PMMA in North America, marketed under the brand name PLEXIGLAS®.

About Trinseo

Trinseo (NYSE: TSE) is a global materials solutions provider and manufacturer of plastics and latex binders with a focus on delivering innovative, sustainable, and value-creating products that are intrinsic to our daily lives. Trinseo is dedicated to making a positive impact on society by partnering with like-minded stakeholders, and supporting the sustainability goals of our customers in a wide range of end-markets including automotive, consumer electronics, appliances, medical devices, packaging, footwear, carpet, paper and board, and building and construction. Trinseo had approximately $3.0 billion in net sales in 2020. With the May 2021 acquisition of the PMMA business, the Company has 24 manufacturing sites around the world, and approximately 3,500 employees. For more information, please visit: www.trinseo.com.