Winter sports: Pebax® Powered “slides” into top gear

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Pebax®, Arkema’s high performance thermoplastic elastomer, has become a key material in the manufacture of ski boots. For sports equipment manufacturers, its unique properties have become genuine marketing arguments for consumers. The proof of this: the brands now readily display the Pebax® Powered logo.

At the International Sports tradeshow (Ispo, Munich, 24-27 January 2016), leading winter sports brands such as Dynafit, Fischer, K2, Scarpa and Scott showcased their latest ski boot models manufactured with the Pebax® thermoplastic elastomer.


This high performance material is well known to ski and mountain professional experts for its unique combination of light weight, flexibility, energy return and exceptional reliability. Depending on the models, it is used in the shell, collar or sole of ski boots.

Freerider ready to start her ride

The Pebax® Powered logo, a pledge of quality for sports brands

Pebax Powered® logo

As proof of the appeal of Pebax® and a pledge of the qualities it delivers, several of these leading brands now display the Pebax® Powered logo on their products to educate consumers. Via either specific labeling or direct marking, consumers will now associate the performances of their shoes with this key and essential material. K2 have chosen to print the Pebax® Powered logo on its latest model, Pinnacle Pro 130, while Scarpa (e.g. Maestrale) and Scott (e.g. Cosmos) have opted for a specific label.



Ski boots with Pebax logo

K2 Pinnacle Pro 130

Scarpa ski boots with Pebax Powered logo

Scarpa Maestrale

Ski boots with Pebax logo

Scott Cosmos

Pebax®, sought after by mountain professional athletes and experts

Pebax® allows athletes to “stretch their limits” and mountain experts to combine comfort with safety.

Watch a video of testimonies by Benjamin Faivre (cross-country skiing), Fred Roulx (mountain guide), Marion Auberger (first-aid rescuer) and Giulia Monego (freerider).


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